What Causes High Estrogen Levels And What Are The Most Common Symptoms Of It

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Estrogen is what makes a woman feminine and regulates the phases of her life.

This hormone is vital to the functioning of humans, men and women alike and it is part of the range of sex hormones. When this hormone is so vital, why would one want a reason to detox excess estrogen?

Anything in the body, when it crosses the natural limits, is not good. An excess of one hormone would mean a decrease in another.

Detox Excess Estrogen from Body

While we will give you an insight into the functions of estrogen and what happens when it crosses limits, let us tell you about why naturopathy can be used for any estrogen irregularities in the body.

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Among the many hormonal imbalances, the most common one, in women especially, is excess estrogen.

How to Get Rid of Excess Estrogen?

The Role of Estrogen and what Causes High Estrogen Levels?

Causes of High Estrogen Levels

In females, Estrogen performs the following:

  • Development of secondary sexual characteristics
  • It also accelerates burning of the body fat
  • It stimulates the inner lining of the uterus to grow
  • It increases bone formation
  • Sex drive depends on estrogen levels
  • It improves the health of human skin

The role of Estrogen in men:

  • It modulates libido
  • It assists in erectile function
  • It helps in the sperm production process

As far as what Causes High Estrogen levels, these are:

  • Drugs used to treat mental health issues
  • Obesity
  • Ovarian tumours

The solution would be to simply avoid what causes high estrogen levels, but often these things are integral to our lifestyle and that is where a balance needs to be struck.

Watch out for these Symptoms to know when you have got to Detox Excess Estrogen

Symptoms Of High Estrogen Levels

The Symptoms of High Estrogen Levels are as follows:

  • Bloating
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Depression
  • Vaginal discharge
  • Mood swings
  • Weight gain

How to Get Rid of Excess Estrogen?

  • Diet is the prime factor that can be managed in order to get the estrogen levels in check.
  • Include foods that decrease estrogen in your diet.
  • Regulating the meats that you eat and their frequency in your diet.
  • Among the foods that decrease estrogen, the most common ones are cruciferous vegetables and certain grains.
  • Exercise and workout are important factors to consider when you’re wondering how to get rid of excess estrogen.
Foods That Decrease Estrogen in Your Diet

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Hormones can wreak havoc if you do not manage them. It is very common these days, with the kind of lives we lead, to have our hormones turned upside down and this further causes chaos in the body.

We often cannot understand what causes high estrogen levels or how to get rid of excess estrogen.

The solution: breaking unhealthy habits, choosing healthy, and focusing on working on yourself.

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